The Catholic Studies Program at Georgetown is an interdisciplinary area of study that engages the richness of the Catholic intellectual and cultural tradition with the various dimensions of human existence such as the arts, sciences, humanities, law, medicine, politics, business and economics.

The Interdisciplinary Program in Catholic Studies

In addition to taking courses on an elective basis, students may choose to minor in Catholic Studies.  The requirements for the minor – and the interdisciplinary courses sponsored by the Catholic Studies Program which serve to fulfill those requirements – are described below.

Please contact David Collins (djc44), Haub Director of The Catholic Studies Program, with any questions regarding the structure of the Catholic Studies Minor.

Minor in Catholic Studies

What are the requirements for a minor in Catholic Studies?

Six Courses:

  • 5 CATH Electives
  • 1 Capstone Tutorial, CATH 301

At least 2 of the electives must be at the 200-level or above.

The Capstone Tutorial gives the student the opportunity to develop a project which examines in depth some question or topic through the interdisciplinary Catholic Studies lens.  Many students choose to investigate links between their major or their proposed careers and Catholicism.  Throughout the semester, Capstone students will meet in seminar format to engage in roundtable discussions of their work.