Fall 2019 Courses

All courses cross-listed with Catholic Studies can also be found on MyAccess. In order to find your courses for Registration, use the attribute menu to assist in your hunt. First, select ALL subjects in the subject menu, by hitting ctrl-A. Then, under “attribute type,” find and select “X-List: CATH.” Click “search,” and all cross-listed courses will appear. Please feel free to contact Catholic Studies if you have any questions about this process.

ARTH 101: Ancient to Medieval Art – Prof Barrett W Tilney

ARTH 102: Renaissance to Modern Art – Prof Susan Nalezyty

ENGL 108: Chaucer & the 14th Century – Prof John C Hirsh

ENGL 273: Catholic Literary Modernism – Prof Mark Bosco

GERM 043: Witches – Prof John Forrest Finch

GERM 230: Catholic-Protestant Conflict – Prof Mary Helen Dupree

GOVT 313: Religion, Ethics, World Affairs – Prof Michael J Kessler

GOVT 461: Department Seminar: Catholic Social Thought – Prof Marilyn McMorrow

HIST 230: Europe After Rome – Prof Timothy Paul Albert Newfield

ITAL 375: Boccaccio: Invention of Storytelling – Prof Francesco Ciabattoni

JCIV 237: Troubled Rivalry: History of Jewish and Catholic Relations – Prof Dennis D McManus

MUSC 114: Music Culture: European Traditions – Prof Anthony R Del Donna

PHIL 280: History of Ancient Medieval Philosophy – Prof Neil T Lewis and Prof Katherine A Withy

SOCI 136: Religion and Society – Prof Jose J Casanova

SPAN 407: Medieval Cinema – Prof Emily C Francomano

THEO 001: The Problem of God – Prof Kevin Doak

THEO 001: The Problem of God – Prof Stephen M Fields

THEO 001: The Problem of God – Prof Min-Ah Cho

THEO 001: The Problem of God – Prof Luke P O’Connell

THEO 022: Intro to Roman Catholic Theology – Prof Otto H Hentz

THEO 073: Religion and Society – Prof Jose J. Casanova

THEO 077: Christian Mysticism – Prof Tarmo Toom

THEO 085: Francis, Catholic Social Thought & Public Life – Prof John Carr