Fall 2021 Courses

This Fall 2021, we are encouraging two unique courses with Father Drew Christiansen. The first is CATH 113, titles Agitators, Pastors, and Organizers. Feel free to view the prior Fall 2018 syllabus (new window), and look through the Fall 2021 schedule (new window). The second course is INAF 346, or CATH 346: Just War, Nonviolence, and Peacebuilding. Feel free to view the Fall 2021 course description, (new window) and Fall 2021 course schedule (new window).

In addition to the Catholic Studies courses (CATH) listed on prior web pages, the Catholic Studies Program also offers courses cross-listed with Art History, English, German, Government, History, Japanese, Jewish Civilization, Music, Sociology, and Theology Departments.

Course List:

  • CATH 113: Agitators, Pastors, and Organizers — Prof Drew Christiansen
  • CATH 346: Just War, Nonviolence, and Peacebuilding — Prof Drew Christiansen

Cross-Listed Course List:

  • ARTH 101: Ancient to Medieval Art – Prof Barrett W Tilney
  • ARTH 102: Renaissance to Modern Art — Prof Susan Nalezyty
  • ENGL 108: Chaucer and the 14th Century — Prof John C Hirsh
  • GERM 043: Witches — Prof Samantha Clara Grayck
  • GOVT 313: Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs — Prof Shaun Casey
  • HIST 230: Europe after Rome — Prof Timothy Paul Albert Newfield
  • HIST 240: The Reformations in Europe — Prof Amy E Leonard
  • MUSC 114: Music Culture: European Traditions — Prof Anthony R Del Donna
  • SOCI 136: Religion and Society — Prof Becky Hsu
  • THEO 001: The Problem of God — Prof Stephen Fields
  • THEO 001: The Problem of God — Prof Min-Ah Cho
  • THEO 001: The Problem of God — Prof Becky Hsu
  • THEO 077: Christian Mysticism — Prof Tarmo Toom
  • THEO 085: Francis, Catholic Social Thought and Public Life — Prof John Carr