Fall 2020 Courses

In addition to the Catholic Studies courses (CATH) listed on prior web pages, the Catholic Studies Program also offers courses cross-listed with Art History, English, German, Government, History, Japanese, Jewish Civilization, Music, Sociology, and Theology Departments.

ARTH 101: Ancient to Medieval Art – Prof Barrett Tilney

ARTH 102: Renaissance to Modern Art — Prof Barrett Tilney

ENGL 108: Chaucer and the 14th Century — Prof John Hirsh

GERM 043: Witches — Prof Ekaterina Andreyevna Soloveva

GOVT 313: Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs — Prof Drew Christiansen

GOVT 461: Catholic Social Thought — Prof Marilyn McMorrow

HIST 230: Europe after Rome — Prof Timothy Paul Albert Newfield

JAPN 406: Endo Shusaku — Prof Kevin Doak

JCIV 237: Troubled Rivalry: History of Jewish/Catholic Religions — Prof Dennis McManus

MUSC 114: Music Culture: European Traditions — Prof Anthony Del Donna

SOCI 136: Religion and Society — Prof Jose Casanova

THEO 001: The Problem of God — Prof Stephen Fields

THEO 001: The Problem of God — Prof Min-Ah Cho

THEO 001: The Problem of God — Prof Luke OConnell

THEO 022: Intro to Roman Catholic Theology — Prof Otto Hentz

THEO 073: Religion and Society — Prof Jose Casanova

THEO 077: Christian Mysticism — Prof Tarmo Toom

THEO 085: Francis, Catholic Social Thought and Public Life — Prof John Carr

THEO 164: Truth/Relativism/Natural Law — Prof Stephen Fields

THEO 193: Japanese Christian Literature: Endo — Prof Kevin Doak