Fall 2023 Courses

X-listing suggests a treatment of “the Catholic,” in the broadest of senses, in some substantive way, not that Catholicism is the exclusive or primary focus of a course.

Unless they have a CATH course prefix, the following courses are developed within other units across the university and are “x-listed” as Catholic Studies. The program director is responsible for determining the suitability of courses for x-listing, but the instructors of record and their departments/units are responsible for managing the content and operations of the courses themselves. A student may apply an x-listed class to the Catholic Studies minor.

X-listed courses can also be found on MyAccess: select ALL subjects; and under attribute type, find and select “X-List: CATH.” Click “search,” and all x-listed courses should appear.

CATH 1122 Global Catholicism (Collins)

ARAB 4484 Palestine Today (Davis)

ARTH 1240 Ancient to Medieval Art (Tilney)
ARTH 1540 Art/Architecture of Med/Early Renaissance Italy (Oberer)

CLSS 2083 Boethius (Haynes)
CLSS 2092 Before Machiavelli (Haynes)

GERM 2500 Witches (Weigert)

GOVT 2671 Human Rights Intrnl Rel (McMorrow)
GOVT 3824 Religion, Ethics, World Affairs (Kessler)

HIST 2410 Europe After Rome (Newfield)
HIST 2412 History-Legend in Med Britain (Cruz)
HIST 2422 The French Empire since 1600 (Cross)
HIST 3414 Film & The French Revolution (Collins, J)
HIST 3509 Eternal City: A History of Rome (Astarita)

IDST 107 Bearing Witness: Jan Karski (Njaka)

INAF/JCIV 1756 US Catholics, Hitler & Holocaust (Brown)
INAF/JCIV 1761 Theo Implications of Holocaust (Soltes)
INAF/JCIV 1766 Interfaith Marriage in Lit/Film (Orr)
INAF/JCIV 2761 Arguing with God: Bible as Lit (Orr)

JCIV 2180 Nazi Pol & Practice re: Disability (Desbois)

MUSC 1140 Music Culture: Euro Trad (Del Donna)

THEO 2200 Intro to Catholic Theology (Hentz)
THEO 2211 Cath Ritual/Spirituality/Justi (Koester)
THEO 2244 Irish Theo & Spirituality (TBA)
THEO 2832 Francis, Cath Soc Tht & Pub Lif (Daniels)
THEO 2835 Justice & Consumer Culture (Danner-McDonalds)
THEO 2840 Theologies of Social Justice (Werpehowski)
THEO 2850 Relig, Politics, Common Good (Heck)
THEO 2860 Relig, Ethics, Int Affairs (Hollenback)
THEO 3230 Christian Mysticism (TBA)
THEO 3231 Mystics, Prophets, Heretics (Cho)
THEO 3722 Liberation Theologies in USA (TBA)
THEO 4840 Animal Ethics (Steck)