The Catholic Studies Program is an academic unit in Georgetown College. Catholic Studies engage the Catholic intellectual and cultural tradition in multidisciplinary ways. They take Catholicism as both an object of study and a lens through which to view the world. As the object of study, Catholicism encompasses ideas, cultures, people, and organizations. As a lens, Catholicism offers tools of analysis and critique.

A Catholic View on Everything ⟺ A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Everything Catholic

Graphic depicting a wheel with multiple spokes. The center hub is Catholic Studies. The spokes are: "Theology", "Humanities", "Social Sciences", "Fine and Performing Arts", "Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences", and "Medical Sciences".

What constitutes “the Catholic”?

The graphic depicts thought bubbles. The central thought is "The Catholic". The surrounding bubbles are: "Creeds", Ideas", "Cultures", "Populations/Demographics", "Institutions", and "Aesthetics".

What do you do in a “Catholic Studies Program”?

The graphic depicts the lenses of the program: "A Catholic Lens" - Social Concerns, Human Concerns, nd Historical Concerns. "A Disciplinary Lens" - Catholicism: Ideas, Catholicism: People(s), Catholicism: Organization(s), and Catholicism: Cultures.