Interior of the Dahlgren Chapel

Image: Interior of the Dahlgren Chapel

The Catholic Studies program is an academic unit in Georgetown University’s College of Arts and Sciences. The aim of the program is, by harnessing disciplinary tools and approaches from across the university, to investigate all that Catholicism, from its origins two millennia ago to the present day, expresses of and contributes to the human endeavor.

A Catholic View on Everything ⟺ A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Everything Catholic

Catholic Studies engage the Catholic intellectual and cultural tradition in multidisciplinary ways. They take Catholicism as both an object of study and a lens through which to view the world. As the object of study, Catholicism encompasses ideas, cultures, people, and organizations. As a lens, Catholicism offers tools for analysis and critique.

What constitutes “the Catholic”?

Catholicism is creeds, ideas, cultures, demographics, institutions, and aesthetics

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What do you do in a “Catholic Studies Program”?

The Catholic Studies Program is a community of scholars – faculty and students – that mutually encourages thoughtful engagement with anything and everything Catholic as well as using Catholic insights to make sense of and find meaning and purpose in our world.

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Minor in Catholic Studies

The Minor in Catholic Studies allows students to engage the richness of the Catholic intellectual and cultural tradition with the various dimensions of human existence such as the arts, sciences, humanities, law, medicine, politics, business, and economics.

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