Spring 2024 Courses

X-listing suggests a treatment of “the Catholic,” in the broadest of senses, in some substantive way, not that Catholicism is the exclusive or primary focus of a course.

Unless they have a CATH course prefix, the following courses are developed within other units across the university and are “x-listed” as Catholic Studies. The program director is responsible for determining the suitability of courses for x-listing, but the instructors of record and their departments/units are responsible for managing the content and operations of the courses themselves. A student may apply an x-listed class to the Catholic Studies minor.

X-listed courses can also be found on MyAccess: select ALL subjects; and under attribute type, find and select “X-List: CATH.” Click “search,” and all x-listed courses should appear.

ARTH 1640 Renaissance to Modern Art (Tilney)
ARTH 1760 GU Art and Architecture (Rufino)
ARTH 2241 Medieval Sicily (Hunt)
ARTH 4650 Race and Color in Latin America (Huezo)

CLSS 1020 Roman Art and Architecture (Pickel)

ENGL 2022 Imaging American Slavery (Mitchell)
ENGL 4120 Modern Irish Novel (Parsons)

FREN 4771 Women and Gender in Medieval France (Johnson)

GERM 2500 Witches (Weigert)
GERM 2500 Witches (Dermon)

GOVT 3824 Religion, Ethics, World Affairs (Hollenbach)
GOVT 4660 Ethical Issues in International Relations (McMorrow)
GOVT 4891 Morals and Markets (Boyd)
GOVT 4450 Politics and of East and Central Europe (Smith)

HIST 2105 Medieval Iberia (Ray)
HIST 2411 Middle Ages: Millennium-BI Death (Cruz)
HIST 2417 The Reformations in Europe (Leonard)
HIST 2421 Ireland (Gannon)
HIST 3425 Mary (Corcoran)
HIST 4403 Sex and Power (Cruz)
HIST 2424 Renaissance (Astarita)
HIST 3412 Art and Power (Astarita)
HIST 4405 Fascism (Shedel)
HIST 4804 Social Movements in the US (Kazin)

INAF 1579 Untangle ME Relig/Polit/Ethnic (Soltes)
INAF 1030 The Vatican and Nazi War Criminals (Brown-Fleming)

ITAL 1032 Italian Through Art – Renaissance (Musti)
ITAL 4388 Medici: A Dynasty (Cicali)

JCIV 1030 The Vatican & Nazi War Criminals (Brown-Fleming)
JCIV 1579 / INAF 1579 Untangle ME Relig/Polit/Ethnic (Soltes)

SPAN 3268 Latin American Film (Santos)

THEO 2210 The Betrayal of the Church (Folan)
THEO 2212 Christian Initiation (Koester)
THEO 2240 Jesuits: Mission and Values (Maher)
THEO 2242 Finding God (Prevot)
THEO 2291 Korean Christianity (Cho)
THEO 2292 Theology of Pilgrimage: Rome (Bosco)
THEO 2610 Christianities in Africa (Butticci)
THEO 2835 Justice & Consumer Culture (Danner-McDonalds)
THEO 2918 Shiites, Sunnis, Christians (Gertz)
THEO 3212 Eros et Caritas (O’Connell)
THEO 3252 Augustine (Bonnette)
THEO 3258 Newman (Fields)
THEO 3260 Medieval England (Lamm)
THEO 3270 Divine Revelation (Folan)
THEO 3272 Truth/Relativism/Nature (Fields)
THEO 3825 Courage, Hope and Justice (Danner)
THEO 4008 Religious Liberty (Heck)