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The Minor in Catholic Studies

The Gateway courses

  • CATH 122 – Global Catholicism – On the one hand, Catholicism is renowned (or perhaps, notorious) for its doctrinal precision, centralized and hierarchical structure, and enforcement of orthodoxy. On the other hand, Catholicism has arguably proved itself the most adaptable form of Christianity to local cultures around the globe. Studying Catholicism as it is understood and practiced around the world is a perfect (and extremely complex) case-study for understanding ways that unity and diversity, centers and peripheries, ideas and cultures interact, collude, and conflict. The aim of this class is to investigate what global Catholicism is, how it works, how it developed, and what sustains the unity and legitimates the diversity.
  • CATH 123 – U.S. Catholicism

Requirements – Six Courses (18 credit-hours):

  • 1 CATH Gateway Seminar, CATH 120 to 129 (3 hours)
  • 1 THEO course on Catholic Theology (3 hours)
  • 4 courses CATH or x-listed CATH in other departments, e.g., Art History, English, Government, History, Japanese, International Affairs, Music, Philosophy, Theology, etc. (12 hours)
    • No more than two of these four may come from the same department/unit (no more than 6 hours of the 12).
    • At least two of these four must be “upper-level” by the guidelines of the particular department/unit. Generally these are numbered 300 and above (at least 6 hours).

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