Figge Fellows

In the 2009-2010 academic year, the Woodstock Theological Center launched its newest initiative, the John & Pat Figge Woodstock Undergraduate Student Research Fellowship. These Fellowships give several Georgetown undergraduates an opportunity to do “theological reflection on the human problems of today.” Now, the Figge Fellows have a new home in the Catholic Studies Program at Georgetown University, where they will continue to develop a new lens and methodology with which to approach their studies and life experiences.

Figge Fellows are selected through a competitive process, with a goal of bringing together students from a variety of majors and religious traditions who display a high level of academic aptitude, and a strong interest in how theological reflection can be applied to current issues and problems. Each Fellow receives a $500 stipend for completion of the Fellowship.

Now in its seventh year, the Catholic Studies looks forward to opening up to another set of Fellows. The current Figge Fellows team, along with the Catholic Studies faculty and staff, are excited to welcome a new group of students into the Georgetown community.

Jesuit advisors:

Drew Christiansen, S.J.
Leon Hooper, S.J.