The Figge Fellows: Cohort 2022

Figge Cohort 2022: l to r – Mailí, Andrii, Colleen, Jess, Jack, Rodrigo, and Kenzie. Far right: Tundaa (student co-coordinator).
BAERColleenPine Bush, NYCAS2022Government and EnglishThe Sexual Abuse Crisis and Peace in IrelandColleen is investigating the impact of the church’s sex abuse crisis in Ireland on the on-going challenge of peace making in the North
KNIGHTKenzieGreenville, INCAS2023Biology of global healthSpirituality in Health Care during the COVID pandemicKenzie is exploring the correlation of spirituality and health through the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. She is investigating health outcomes for patients and their interaction with spirituality.
MEJIAMailí JanethSan Juan, TXMSB2022Marketing and Int’l BusinessClass and Religion in Latin AmericaMailí is looking at the uses of religion in the social construction of understandings of and tolerance for poverty
PERALES GRISRodrigoMexico CityCAS2022Political Economy and PhilosophyThe Politics of ProtestantismRodrigo is investigating the intersection intersection of political and theological ideas in the emergence of the sixteenth-century Reformations
QUINONESJessSan Antonio, TXCAS2023Biology of Global HealthPopular Belief and Theological Doctrine; Healing Arts and Health CareJess is examining the impact of popular belief and religious teachings on inequities in seeking and receiving health care.
SENDZIUKAndriiZalishchyky, UkraineMSB2024Finance and International Political Economy and BusinessThe Impact of Christianity on Drug Use in Independent UkraineAndrii is exploring in his project whether Christianity could decrease drug use and present a different coping mechanism for Ukrainians in the context of political and social instability since 1991.

Cohort 2022: New Figge Orientation, October 1-2.