Spring 2023 Courses

X-listing suggests a treatment of “the Catholic,” in the broadest of senses, in some substantive way, not that Catholicism is the exclusive or primary focus of a course.

Unless they have a CATH course prefix, the following courses are developed within other units across the university and are “x-listed” as Catholic Studies. The program director is responsible for determining the suitability of courses for x-listing, but the instructors of record and their departments/units are responsible for managing the content and operations of the courses themselves. A student may apply an x-listed class to the Catholic Studies minor.

X-listed courses can also be found on MyAccess: select ALL subjects; and under attribute type, find and select “X-List: CATH.” Click “search,” and all x-listed courses should appear.

ARAB 333 God, Nature, & Society (Adem)

ARTH 101 Ancient to Medieval Art (Tilney)
ARTH 102 Renaissance to Modern Art (Acres)
ARTH 122 Art/Architecture of Med/Early Renaissance Italy (Oberer)
ARTH 230 Baroque Art & Architecture (Tilney)
ARTH 258 Byzantium (Hunt)
ARTH 358 Art and Power in Africa (Pending)
ARTH 426 Durer (Acres)

CLSS 285 Slavery in the Ancient Mediterranean (Stephens)

ENGL 274 Italian Cinema (Fallani)
ENGL 392 Reading Toni Morrison (Mitchell)

FREN 290 Louisiana: Language/Culture/History (Emmitte)
FREN 364 Love & War in Medieval France (Johnson)

GERM 043 Witches (Potter)

GOVT 3824 Religion, Ethics, World Affairs (Hollenbach)
GOVT 4660 Ethical Issues in International Relations (McMorrow)
GOVT 4861 Catholic Social Thought (McMorrow)

HIST 183 U.S. Latinx History (Amezcua)
HIST 332 Topics: Pilgrimages (Corcoran)
HIST 347 Magic Science and Religion (Collins, D)
HIST 359 Rebellion in the Andes (Langer)
HIST 343 Sex and Power Moran (Cruz)
HIST 341 State in Early Modern Europe (Collins, J)
HIST 349 Ireland (TBA)

INAF 109 Untangle ME Relig/Polit/Ethnic (Soltes)

ITAL 460 Dante (Benedetti)

JAPN 406/THEO 193 Shusako Endo (Doak)

JCIV 014 Human Existence: a Jewish Perspective (Skorka)
JCIV 030 The Vatican & Nazi War Criminals (Brown-Fleming)
JCIV 109 / INAF 109 Untangle ME Relig/Polit/Ethnic (Soltes)

PHIL 160 Christian Creeds (Murphy)
PHIL 180 Faith and Reason (Greco)
PHIL 181 Philosophy of Religion (Pratt)
PHIL 450 Anselm and Philosophy of Religion (Williams)

THEO 022 Intro to Roman Catholic Theology (Hentz)
THEO 023 Christian Initiation (Koester)
THEO 029 Christianities in Asia (Cho)
THEO 039 Nature, God, & Social Justice (Bonnette)
THEO 043 Augustine (Bonnette)
THEO 060 Justice & Consumer Culture (Danner-McDonalds)
THEO 064 Theology of Pilgrimage: Rome (Bosco)
THEO 129 Jesuits: Mission and Values (Crowley-Buck)
THEO 174 Eros and Caritas (O’Connell)
THEO 177 Courage, Hope, Justice (Danner-McDonald)
THEO 184 Shi’ites, Sunnis, & Christians (Gertz)
THEO 193 Japanese Christian Lit: Endo (Doak)
THEO 204 Religious Liberty (Heck)
THEO 282 Hist of Christian Thought II (Fields)