Spring 2020 Courses

All courses cross-listed with Catholic Studies can also be found on MyAccess. In order to find your courses for Registration, use the attribute menu to assist in your hunt. First, select ALL subjects in the subject menu, by hitting ctrl-A. Then, under “attribute type,” find and select “X-List: CATH.” Click “search,” and all cross-listed courses will appear. Please feel free to contact Catholic Studies if you have any questions about this process.

ARTH 101: Ancient to Medieval Art – Prof Barrett Tilney

ARTH 102: Renaissance to Modern Art – Prof Barrett Tilney

CLSL 109: Medieval Latin – Prof Dennis McManus

GERM 043: Witches – Prof Astrid Weigert

GOVT 313: Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs – Prof Drew Christiansen

GOVT 406: Political Violence in the Name of God – Prof Jocelyne Cesari

HIST 140: Charlemagne to Napoleon – Prof Amy Leonard

HIST 143: Spain/Portugal and their Empires – Prof Tommaso Astarita

HIST 232: History-Legend in Medieval Britain – Prof Jo Ann Cruz

HIST 339: Eternal City: A History of Rome – Prof Tommaso Astarita

INAF 166: Saints and Society – Prof Dennis McManus

INAF 255: Debates over Religious Freedom – Prof Mark Chopko and Prof David Saperstein

INAF 458: Fiction, Faith, and Violence – Prof Paul Elie

ITAL 460: Dante – Prof Francesco Ciabattoni

JAPN 349: Catholicism in Japan – Prof Kevin Doak

JCIV 166: Seven Popes and the Jews – Prof Dennis McManus

JCIV 213: Debates Over Religious Freedom – Prof Mark Chopko and Prof Saperstein

MGMT 278: Courage and Moral Leadership – Prof Robert Bies

PHIL 160: Christian Creeds – Prof Mark Murphy

THEO 001: The Problem of God – Prof Matthew Anderson

THEO 023: Christian Initiation – Prof Anne Koester

THEO 043: Augustine’s Confessions – Prof Tarmo Toom

THEO 064: Theology of Pilgrimage: Rome – Prof Mark Bosco

THEO 077: Christian Mysticism – Prof Stephan Fields

THEO 085: Francis, Catholic Social Thought and Public Life – Prof Kim Daniels

THEO 129: Jesuits: Mission and Values – Prof John Crowley-Buck

THEO 136: Women Mystics – Prof Julia Lamm

THEO 173: The Betrayal of the Church – Prof Peter Folan

THEO 174: Eros and Caritas – Prof Stephan Fields

THEO 177: Courage, Hope, and Justice – Prof Kerry Danner-McDonald

THEO 236: The Vatican and Ireland – Prof TBA

THEO 367: Two Councils: Trent/Vatican II – Prof John O’Malley